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Do you want to know what your diamonds are worth?

1. Bel voor een afspraak (
U kunt vandaag nog terecht.)

2. Bezoek Diamant Centrum (
De expert taxeert uw diamanten en sieraden gratis.)

3. Verkoop uw diamanten (
Wij betalen direct per bank of contant!)

“After an expert appraisal, I sold the jewelery with diamonds for a very good price.
Recommended! ”

Get in touch now!
Get in touch now!

Did you know that from now on you can lend your jewelry and gold at Diamant Centrum?

At Diamant Centrum, the experts in the field of diamonds and jewelery, you can now also pawn jewelery and gold. We give you honest advice, value your goods, and immediately give you a loan, in cash or by bank.

Verpanden of belenen

Do you need cash quickly, but no way to get it?

You can now go to Diamant Centrum to pledge / lend your goods in exchange for a quick loan. Everyone has something of value, and the experts at Diamant Centrum specialize in valuing jewelery, diamonds and antiques. This is a safe and fast way for you to get a loan.

Which goods do we collect at Diamant Centrum?

Exclusive jewelry
Antique jewelry
Exclusive merk horloges
Gold jewelry
Gold coins
Losse diamanten en edelstenen
Merk sieraden

How does the pawning work at Diamant Centrum?

You call or email Diamant Center, and we give you a time where you can go the same day or the next day. Once in the office, while enjoying a cup of coffee, one of our experts will value your pledged goods. Our certified diamond expert will look at the material, weight, retail value of the goods etc. and will determine the value of your collateral by means of an official valuation. He will explain for what amount you can borrow.

You receive direct money from us for your loaned goods.

We agree on what the loan period will be, and Diamant Centrum offers attractive conditions for the loaned items. During the term you are welcome to collect your collateral.

Do you have questions about the items you would like to pawn or would you like to make an appointment, call us on 020- 697 4418 or make an appointment!

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