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Have your jewelery and jewelry appraised by an expert from Diamant Centrum

The owner of Diamant Centrum comes from a renowned jewelery family and therefore has years of knowledge in the jewelery and jewelry industry. Diamant Centrum therefore has the knowledge and expertise in-house to value your jewelery and jewelery. We are able to determine the origin and possible antique value of your jewelry at a glance. This way you immediately know whether you have antique jewelry that may be very valuable. People are often told that their old jewelry no longer has any value. Diamant Centrum always first looks at the value of the complete piece of jewelry and will always estimate the diamonds at the correct value.

Sell your precious jewelry through Diamant Centrum for the best price!

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a very extensive network of jewelers, antique dealers and collectors. Your old jewelery and jewelery is always worth more if it finds a private individual or customer. Diamant Centrum is happy to help you sell your precious jewelry. By offering your old jewelry to wealthy individuals worldwide through our extensive network. It often happens that old Dutch jewelry arouses a lot of interest from emerging countries such as China and Russia, in addition, there is always a lot of interest from America. We are able to reach these people through our unique platform and through our many contacts outside the Netherlands. This way we can show your jewelry to wealthy customers from all over the world.

Therefore take quickly Contact contact Diamant Centrum to discuss the possibilities and let us do the work for you!

Art Deco Jewelry

In particular, we specialize in assessing and working with Art Deco Jewelry. Art Deco jewelry is from the 1920s and 1930s. These jewels are characterized by their elegance and very exclusive appearance. Only the true connoisseur will recognize and immediately appreciate Art Deco jewelry. This will always lead to a value well above the gold and diamond price of the jewelry. Diamant Centrum is always looking for exclusive jewelery of this kind. We are therefore always able to offer exceptionally high prices for these old jewels. In particular, we are looking for gold or platinum Art Deco jewelery with diamonds. We are also extremely interested in Art Deco jewelry with special gemstones, such as Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralds.

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