Fashion and taste can change, also in terms of jewelry. You may no longer wear certain jewelery, or you may find it a shame that they are left out. No worries, because we do know what to do at Diamant Centrum. Besides the fact that we specialize in diamonds, the company has a long history in the jewelry world. This has built up the necessary knowledge and expertise with regard to jewelery, both antique and modern. If you know you want to sell your jewelry, you are very welcome to buy one appointment schedule with one of our experts. You can often go for your valuation the same day. Once in the office, while enjoying a cup of coffee, our expert will examine your jewelry.

When selling your jewelry, the following is taken into account: materials used, brands of the items, style and age, etc. After the valuation, the expert offers you a value indication of your items, after which you can choose whether to proceed with the sale or just want to think about it. Our experts are available to answer all your questions. See you soon at Diamant Centrum!

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