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Buy gold

Gold has had a magical attraction to people for thousands of years. It is a rare precious metal that is also called 'the king of metals'. Gold can be used in many ways. In the past it was very common to process gold in coins. This is still happening, but these coins will not end up in payment transactions and are only intended for collection. Mainly gold is used and processed in jewelry. Do you still have gold at home, whether or not incorporated in jewelry and you want to monetize it? Then come visit the Diamant Centrum. Buying gold is also an important activity that we perform as a Diamond Center on a daily basis. Your gold is valued for free and the current gold price is paid for the purchase of gold.

Gold purchase by Diamant Centrum

Diamond center has been in existence for more than 25 years and specializes in the purchase and sale of diamonds and other precious stones, jewelery, watches and gold. Diamant Centrum is a member of the Diamond Exchange. This guarantees that you are dealing with a reliable purchasing partner in the know-how.

Whether you have bought gold bars over the years, built up a collection of gold coins or have received a legacy with gold jewelry, we can value your gold professionally for free. If you decide to sell your gold then the current gold price will pay for it so that you actually receive what the gold is currently worth.

Customer-friendliness, speed and service are our top priorities. So call us to rate or sell your gold bars, coins or gold jewelry to make an appointment quickly. We will receive you quickly and discreetly for your free valuation.

How is the current gold price determined?

The gold price is a very important indicator for many an economy. The prices of gold do not fluctuate enormously, but the rise and fall of the gold price happens gradually, as the state of the world economy. There are some factors on which the gold price depends:

Supply and demand

The supply and demand is an important factor, mainly because the supply is not so great. Mining gold from gold mines is a very labor-intensive task, so that the supply cannot be increased as quickly. The demand for gold is even more so. Gold jewelery remains popular, and in the event of financial market turmoil, everyone reverts to gold. Also, much more is invested in gold nowadays.


Inflation is the more expensive prices for all kinds of products and services. When there is a lot of inflation, the gold price will also rise. In deflation, the gold price will fall again.


The value of gold is expressed in US dollars. When the value of the dollar drops, the gold price will actually rise and vice versa.

Market rate

The current interest rate on a savings account, for example, is so low that savings no longer yield anything. Many people then flee into gold, which increases the gold price. Partly for this reason, the gold price has been at record high for some time.

Do you want the best price for your gold? Do you want to do reliable business and good service from a professional expert and appraiser? Call immediately for an appointment and visit our office at the Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam. You can park for free on our enclosed grounds and your safety and privacy are paramount.

You can buy gold at the Diamond Center in Amsterdam

For questions about buying gold, please contact us. We are available daily at telephone number: 020 – 697 44 18

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