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Free valuation of your diamonds, diamonds or jewelery

Would you like to value your diamond brilliantly by a real diamond expert? Diamond and brilliant are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, these terms are not the same. Diamond is the name of a particular gem. Brilliant, on the other hand, refers to the cut of a diamond. A diamond can be cut in various shapes, of which a brilliant cut diamond is one of the most classic shapes. So when we talk about a brilliant, we are talking about a diamond that is brilliant cut and not what is often said to be a brilliant like the gem itself.

What determines the value of a brilliant

The quality of a diamond with a brilliant cut is determined by the so-called 4 C's. This is a widely accepted rating system that most diamond dealers use.

• Carat - Carat

This is the weight of the diamond and is important to determine the diamond price. This assumes that 0.2 grams is 1 carat.

Color - Color

In the diamond world, an internationally accepted color set is used, the so-called master set, to determine the correct color of the diamond.

Clarity - Purity

With a magnifying glass that magnifies 10x, the diamond dealer can determine how many impurities the diamond contains. The more impurities the less valuable the diamond will become.

Cut - Cut quality

The cut, brilliant in this case, is very important for the diamond price. It is the shape that determines the degree of shine and brilliance. The better cut, the more the diamond will shine.

A brilliant sell

Do you have any diamonds or other jewelry at home that are stored away and are hardly or not used at all? That is actually a shame, because you can also convert them into money. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at Diamantcentrum for a brilliant appraisal in Amsterdam. You can use your brilliant appraisal have it performed free of charge by the Diamond Center. But that is also possible for your jewelry. Then you decide if you want to sell them. Thanks to the professional knowledge of the certified personnel of Diamantcentrum, you can be sure that you will receive an official brilliant appraisal and that you do not have to knock on the door of non-certified jewelers or exchange offices.

Benefits of a brilliant appraisal at Diamantcentrum

• You will be helped quickly. Usually you can call for an appointment the same day after calling.

• Brilliant valuation or valuation of your jewelery or jewelery is free and without obligation.

• Membership of the diamond exchange Amsterdam stands for professional knowledge and reliability.

• All diamond experts are certified and members of the diamond exchange.

• We work with a laboratory for specific, precious diamonds and precious stones.

• Valuation will take place in a safe and closed environment.

• The staff is very discreet.

• Do you want your brilliant or sell jewelry, then Diamantcentrum can serve you well.

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