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International Certificates

In het wereldwijde diamant circuit gelden alleen de Hoge Raad (HRD), G.I.A en I.G.I als vertrouwde certificering laboratoria. Voor alle andere certificaten geldt dat de kwaliteit niet gegarandeerd is. Indien u een officieel certificaat van de bovengenoemde certificering bureaus heeft, is de kwaliteit gegarandeerd. Tenzij het certificaat niet ouder is dan 10 jaar. Als u ons een foto van het certificaat stuurt, kunnen wij gelijk een nauwkeurige bieding doen op uw diamant. Ook als het certificaat ouder is dan 10 jaar, dient het nog steeds als een zeer nauwkeurig indicatie.

Other certificates

If you have a certificate from other laboratories or perhaps from the seller, the quality is not guaranteed. We kindly request you to make an appointment to show the diamond at our office. Based on the certificate, we can only give a rough indication, because a small difference in quality can mean a big difference in the purchase value of the diamond. This means that the diamond purchase price can be higher or lower than the indication. It goes without saying that you are never obliged to sell your diamond when you visit us.

Appraisal reports

A valuation report is an assessment of your diamond or jewelery by a specialist (for example a diamond dealer or jeweler). A full appraisal report lists all the properties of a diamond, as assessed by the appraiser. In most cases, the valuer is in good faith and makes the most accurate assessment possible. However, it remains an estimate of a single person and the quality is not guaranteed as with the aforementioned certification laboratories. If you have a valuation report, we can often give a good indication of the price based on this. However, we will assess the diamond ourselves again to determine the exact quality and the associated value.

Appraisal value

A valuation report also always mentions the value of the diamond. In most cases it concerns the purchase value (sales amount). This will serve as a starting point for insurance in the event of loss or theft. However, this amount is often many times higher than the purchase value (trade value) of the diamond. This has to do with the fact that there are all hidden costs in the sales price, such as the profit margin, operating costs, wages and so on. When you want to sell the diamond, you will have to take into account that the purchase value is lower than what was ever paid for.

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