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Antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is a specialization in the world of jewelers and diamond dealers. Diamant Centrum Amsterdam has the expertise and experience to determine the value of your old-fashioned jewelry exactly. This gives you, with a valuation at our purchase of antique jewelry, therefore always a real and good offer. We buy 2nd hand jewelery to offer it to enthusiasts and collectors after restoring it to its original condition. Are you in possession of old-fashioned rings or bracelets that you actually do nothing with and do you want to sell them? Or have you recently received an inheritance from old-Dutch jewelry and would you like to know the value of this? Our experts are happy to inform you.

Knowledge of antique jewelry

When valuing older jewelry, our reliable appraisers do not only look at the weight, but at the jewelry as a whole. This means that you always get a very high price for you antique jewelry. Do you want to know what a good and expert valuation is based on? We are happy to share our knowledge of antique jewelry with you.

Age and style

The age of an antique piece of jewelry and the style in which it is executed partly determine its value. In part, because the condition in which the jewelry is wrong also plays a role. In addition, the material used from which the jewel is made is also important. This can be, for example, white gold, gold or silver, even a combination of these is possible. But this is not all.

Jewelry and gems

The presence of one or more (semi) precious stones also plays a part in the value and the sale price. Do you have an antique gold ring with ruby or sapphire or antique earrings with emerald or diamonds? To determine the value of an antique ring or earrings, we take a detailed look at the diamonds and gemstones in your jewelry. Many old classic jewels are also real gems to see. Due to its age, some jewelry is very rare and for that reason alone represents a high value.

Love and craftsmanship

Have you had a box of old and almost forgotten jewelry in your home for years? For example, even if an antique red coral jewelry is not your taste, it can still be very valuable. Especially if the gem is made with love and craftsmanship. Do you want to know more about this? You can always make a non-binding appointment at our Amsterdam office for the valuation and purchase of classic jewelery, without any costs or obligations.

Different styles

At the Diamond Center in Amsterdam we are aware of different styles and movements antique jewelry and jewelry. Gracefully designed gold Art Nouveau bracelets and antique art deco earrings with abstract design are particularly sought after by investors. By the way, did you know that antique jewelry is not always made of gold at all? You can also offer authentic silver hat pins, closures or brooches with us. Do you want to sell your old fashioned jewelry? You can always count on us for a good sales price and an expert valuation.

Do you have antique jewelry that you are currently not doing anything with? Our certified appraisers will tell you what your jewelry is worth and will offer you (if desired) the best price if you decide to sell it. Payment can be made by contact or by bank. Come quickly for your valuation. See you soon at Diamant Centrum!

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